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For enquiries please contact  : Justin Chua (065) 96723137

Address : No 15 Pandan Loop, Sinagpore 128233

Contact No : (065) 67730998

Fax No : (065) 67730997

Email :

FYI : We only accept paypal or email enquiries now.

4 Responses to Contact Us

  1. techno says:

    In USD, Subjected to self collection or Postage/forwarding cost.

  2. techno says:

    Yes still in Stock, Good condition re-condition unit $120

  3. emy says:

    I see your AC 300 as suitable and 2 phase. My factory current capable is 3 phase 100A. Can I use this equipment without tripping the power supply?

  4. techno says:

    Yes, you can just use 2 phase from your 3 phase supply.

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