Corporate Objective

Our directing force is to service our customers, with an aim to recognise and understand fully the needs of customers. By providing the best technical expertise and services, we strive to meet, if not exceed the expectations of our clients.

The unwavering commitment of both the Management and Staff Team fuels the steady growth of Techno Systems Pte Ltd over the years.  The following factors are critical to the company success:

v     Product and Service

To improve the quality of product and service and the ultimate value-added product and service by differentiating our business with the following:

  • Customise to customers’ needs, with the skills of our designers
  • Consistent process/job standards/performance measurement to deliver consistent output
  • Increase knowledge and improve our processes to meet product needs

v     Customers

To increase customers’ satisfaction by responding to customers’ needs via:

  • Speedy delivery
  • Consistent effort to response to customers’ demand
  • Flexibility
  • Feedback seeking
  • Create customers-relationship (network)
  • Establish a continuity of service

v     Workforce

To enforce teamwork through building quality into each piece of work in all projects.

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